Introduction to podcasting with Jerod Morris

Introduction to podcasting with Jerod Morris

Today we tackle podcasts, and how you can create a show that enables you to build a deep connection with your audience.

I’ve invited Jerod Morris, VP of Marketing at Rainmaker Digital, and host of five podcasts, including a podcast about podcasting, to come and give a primer on why you should consider adding a podcast into your marketing toolkit.

Here’s what you’ll pick up from the session.

Key points:

  • The surprising business benefit of hosting a podcast
  • Why this medium is uniquely positioned to help you form deeper bonds with your audience
  • The most important thing you need to create a successful show
  • The niches that are best suited for podcasts
  • What you need to get started with your show
  • The four elements of a remarkable podcast
  • How to incorporate a podcast into your content strategy

You can watch the training here: