127: How to build a business that suits you perfectly

Entrepreneurs: Sometimes it can be easy to get caught up running a business that doesn't make us happy. The good news, you're the boss, and you can change what doesn't work for you. Here's how

Katherine Theobalds is the founder of ZouXou shoes, a brand of handmade leather shoes that seeks to help you create a show wardrobe of modern essentials, that are well-made, unfussy, and minimal.

We can learn a ton from Katherine, including how she learned to build a business and career that suited her needs and passions.

Key points:

  • The benefits of having limited resources
  • The danger in obsessing over your competition
  • Uncommon ways to find out what your customers want
  • How to fuel your creative habit
  • How to know when you’ve found an idea you need to follow through on
  • Why your biggest success levers sometimes don’t have anything to do with business
  • The attitude you need to adopt to overcome any roadblock

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Show notes:

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Free Mini-Course: The Customer Magnet Playbook

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