Tip 12: Understand your customers’ needs

Doesn’t it feel awesome when you come across people who just get you? People who completely understand what you’re going through and what you need? When you understand your customers’ needs really really well, they experience that same feeling of awesomeness.


  1. I used to have a hair dresser that I went to for years. I loved how I didn’t have to tell her certain things about the way I wanted to style my hair, or certain other preferences I had in caring for it. She just knew. And when certain things changed in my schedule, like adding a swimming regimen, she knew exactly how to advise me on how to maintain my swim schedule and my hair. It was just one of the many reasons why I loved her.
  2. There have been times when I’ve read through a post on a blog I frequently read, and it was like the author had completely read my mind. How did he know this is what I’m going through? How did he know that I just had that conversation with myself yesterday? How did he know that this issue was causing me to scream? He knows, because he’s been there, he’s done his research, and he just gets me.


  1. It’s much easier for you to be in tune with your customers when you have a clear view of who your ideal customer is. Put together a profile of your ideal customer, complete with information about their wants, dreams, desires, challenges, preferences, and frame of mind.
  2. Your customers’ needs evolve over time. So for you to be able to “get them” on a continual basis you’ll need to stay connected. Don’t take for granted that you “just know” what they need. Incorporate an active feedback and interaction loop so you can stay in tune to what’s going on with your customers.

Application for your business

  1. If you have a customer profile already, go back and revisit it to see if it’s still up to date and relevant for your business. If you don’t have one, go ahead and create one. You can use the questions in this free business planning tool to get started (see marketing section).
  2. Write down an action plan for staying in tune with the needs of your customers over time. Include how you’ll get the information and in what frequency.

Previous tips

  1. Act like you want your customers to stick around
  2. See your customers as individuals
  3. Use the sweetest sound in any language
  4. Remember your customers’ names
  5. Pay attention to your customers
  6. Engage your customers
  7. Get to know your customers
  8. Listen to your customers
  9. Don’t let your customers hear the sound of crickets
  10. Get feedback from your customers
  11. Remember their love for peanut butter