Tip 4: Remember your customers’ names

When your customers come back to you that’s always a great thing. Why not reward them by letting them know you remember them? Think about how you feel when someone recalls your name. If you’re anything like me, it’ll put a smile on your face because it makes you feel like that person thought you were important enough to remember.

Recall the last time you had to reintroduce yourself to someone you know you’ve already met. How did that make you feel?

If you’re working to get your customers to love you, remembering their name is essential. Think about it, have you ever fallen for someone who couldn’t remember your name? 🙂


  1. I used to be a regular at my local Saladworks. One of the primary reasons was because of the ladies who worked there, Mirian, Kathy, and Erin. Every time I walked in the door they would say “hey Sonia,” and I would feel all warm and fuzzy inside because it always felt like I was visiting friends.
  2. There are certain websites that I use that require me to enter information to access certain functions. I’m always appreciative when the website “remembers” my details such as my name, or email address and pre-populates it for me. It is a great feeling to know a business recognizes you as someone who has “been here before” and treats you as such.


  1. Utilize memory tricks to help you remember people’s name. For a lot of people it can be in one ear and out the other when someone introduces themself to you. To make sure that doesn’t happen, try saying something (either out loud or in your head) that helps you remember the person’s name. For instance, when I introduce myself, I’ll often say “Sonia, as in Red Sonia.” Or “Sonia, as in Sonia Blade.” (Bonus points if you know where Sonia Blade is from!). Try it for yourself. It works!
  2. Check your website and to see if you have plugins or software that automatically recognizes the IP address of the person visiting the site. If it is a person’s first time, she should be treated like a first time guest. If it is someone who has been there before and engaged with your content, you want to remember that information as well and adjust accordingly.

Application for your business:

  1. Write down one technique you will use to remember the names of the people you interact with in your business.
  2. Write down one thing you will do have your website and other computer systems “remember your customers’” names and whether or not they’ve visited you before.

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