Tip 50: Play favorites (to your best customers)

As long as you’re treating all your customers fairly and with respect, there’s nothing wrong with giving some of your best customers special treatment (just don’t make your other customers feel bad). It is a cool thing to make your customers feel like they are your favorite. So give them special treatment. Give them great deals. Give them the best table or early access to a show or a product you’re going to release.

Treat all your customers well. And treat your best customers even better.


  1. I used to be a frequent flier with US Airways. I was always super excited when I would get an automatic free upgrade to first class, just because I was a frequent traveler with them. That special treatment was just one of the reasons I continued to fly with US Airways over and over again.
  2. As a part of my professional development, I’m a part of a marketing community. I’m always pleased when the company provides me with deals, and exclusive access to events just for the members. I definitely feel like I’m one of their favorite.


  1. Make sure you best customers know you appreciate them. Whenever you’re giving them something special because they are your best customer, make sure to let them know that’s the reason why.
  2. Don’t be afraid to let your other customers know they too can get extra special treatment. By having parameters defined in advance that all your customers have access to, your customers who aren’t getting the “extra special” treatment will know what they need to do to start getting it.

Application for your business

  1. Write down three things that will distinguish your best customers from all the rest
  2. Brainstorm three things you can do to play favorites to your best customers.

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