Tip 69: Be memorable

While you are busy being remarkable, don’t forget to be so awesome that customers will never be able to forget you, the experience they had with you, or how you made them feel. Be epic. Be and or do something so amazing, that the memory will be etched in your customers’ minds for years to come.


1. One year in college I did an eight month long internship in New York. The company I worked for put me up in an apartment for the duration of my time with them. The apartment just so happened to be a penthouse, with a bathroom the size of my little old condo I had in downtown Philadelphia years later. That bathroom, which I will never, ever forget, even had a sauna in it. That penthouse that I was blessed to live in at the Residence Inn was so memorable, one of my former classmates recently reminisced about how fabulous it was on Facebook. More than ten years later.

2. A while back I had to shop for a dress for an event I was having. I was on the verge of a meltdown, because after multiple locations and hours and hours of shopping I was at a complete loss for what to wear. And then I walked into White House Black Market. I simply told them about the event, and what I wanted to look and feel like, and they took care of the rest. They sent me to the fitting room, while they picked out several different dresses in my size. Once we finalized the dress, they then brought me shoes and other accessories to help me get the look just right. I was no longer defeated. I was elated. The staff at the store made me look and feel like a rock star with the way they tended to me and helped me find the perfect outfit for my event. It was a shopping experience I’ll never forget. And one I want more of!


  1. Memorable happens by design. Have a clear vision for how you want your customers to feel when they are interacting with your business. When you make your customers feel extra special, that’s a surefire way to give them an experience they won’t soon forget.
  2. To deliver a memorable experience for your customers you need to know them well. Otherwise, you’ll be guessing about what will make them feel amazing. So stay connected to your customers. Get to know them, their challenges, needs, and desires as it relates to the problem you solve for them even better than they know themselves.

Application for your business

  1. Write down an experience you have had with a business that you deem memorable.
  2. Write down how you would like your customers to feel when they interact with your business.What is most important to your customers about their experience with you?
  3. What systems, processes, and other things do you need to put in place to deliver on that memorable customer experience.

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