Tip 76: Do mundane tasks in a new, different, and unexpected way

Break up the monotony and do things differently from the way everyone expects you to.


  1. The W Hotel in Westwood made riding an elevator super fun. The hotel has cameras in the elevator that shows you several images of you during your ride. I couldn’t get in that elevator without striking a pose. That’s one elevator I always enjoyed being in, and one I’ll always remember (see tip #69).
  2. You’ve seen a traffic cop before, right? But have you seen Tony Lepore, the dancing traffic cop? He does traffic differently. And it is an amazing site to see. And one the residents of his town love to see.


  1. When it comes to injecting a little fun into the mundane things of your business, don’t make anything off limits. Adding a little fun and pizazz even to the smallest of tasks can make a big difference with your customers.
  2. Create a culture in your business that encourages others to look for cool and fun ways to shake things up a bit from how they are always done. When you allow others to brainstorm along with you, you’ll have an abundance of cool ideas.

Application for your business

  1. Write down five mundane tasks that are done in your business on a regular basis.
  2. For each task you listed above, brainstorm five ways you can do those tasks in a new, different, and unexpected way.

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