Tip 82: Dance

Dancing isn’t just fun, it’s cool. And it is just another way to connect with your customers and make them smile. So get your dance on. While you’re at it, give your customers a reason to dance. It doesn’t really matter how good you are at it. Just in case you ever wondered, here’s proof that dancing is contagious (as well as a reminder that it only takes one person to start a movement – see tip #73).


  1. And if you need some inspiration on how, let Kid President show you how to do it right. His dancing skills (along with his message) landed him millions of views on YouTube. And now he’s even landed his own tv show on the Hub Network.
  2. Ellen DeGeneres host of the very popular Ellen talk show dances on every show. It is just one of the reasons her many fans love her.


  1. Put on some cool music, and start a dance party. Showcase your best moves, and just have fun with your customers.
  2. If you run an internet business, you too can have a dance party. Simply tape yourself doing a happy dance, and send it off to your customers. They’ll love you for it. Trust!

Application for your business

  1. Make a list of your favorite music to dance to. Then pick a day to have your dance party with your customers.
  2. Pick a regular event to incorporate dancing into what you do with and for your customers. Your event could be a celebration of a milestone for your business, or it could even be because it’s Friday. You don’t really need a good reason. Just make one up, write it down, and start dancing.

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