Tip 85: Make it bigger than you

A good friend of mine told me the art is always bigger than the artist. Make what you do more than about your bottom line. Make it more than about you. Recognize and embrace your role in making life better for your customers, teams, communities and anyone else that is impacted by your business.


  1. Mega-star Beyonce has a cause that is bigger than her music: women’s empowerment. The self-proclaimed modern-day feminist often touts girl power in her songs, and even has an all-girl band dubbed The Sugar Momma’s. The singer created the band with the intention of inspiring young girls to get involved in music.
  2. Small Biz Lady Melinda Emerson has made it her mission to eliminate small business failure. This goal which is much larger than her own business, has propelled her to expand the number of ways she is able to serve entrepreneurs.


  1. Elevate your tribe. Lead, empower, and strengthen them by the work you do in a way that goes beyond the goods and services you provide.
  2. Partner with others who share a similar mission as you to find ways to work together to achieve your common goal.

Application for your business

  1. What is the mission for your business?
  2. Write down three ways you can strengthen your customers beyond the products and services you offer.

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