2 Simple ways to create behind the scenes content

Attraction marketing: 2 Simple ways to deliver behind the scenes content your customer crave

2 Simple ways to create behind the scenes content

A while back I stopped everything I was doing to go and watch the latest episode of Red Table Talk on Facebook Watch. It’s a short talk show based out of a room in actress Jada Pinkett Smith’s home.

I’d seen one episode before. But when previews of the newest episode featuring Pinkett Smith’s husband, actor Will Smith surfaced on Instagram, I knew I had to tune in. The promo videos teased that the Smith’s would talk openly about some of the problems they’d had in their marriage, and how they’d overcome them.

As I watched the show, I perused through the comments. I noticed there were people tagging other people — sisters, friends, significant others — telling them to tune in because the topics covered were so relatable.

That’s when I realized that there was a lesson to be learned here. If you ever struggle with what content to produce to engage your audience, look no further than what is happening in your own world. There’s plenty of material for you that your ideal customers would love to bite into — just as I did with Pinkett Smith.

That’s because your daily life is real. It is authentic. And the nature of social media and entertainment has made us all voyeurs. We crave knowing more about the people and brands we follow.

Why behind the scenes content helps you deepen your relationship with your customers

Real life helps us connect with others in a way that scripted content doesn’t. When I was a kid, I remember being riveted by magazines that featured photos and interviews of my favorite music artists and actors. This was pre-social media and these spreads gave real glimpses into the lives of the people who’s craft I admired.

As you think about growing your business and building deeper, more emotional connections with your customers, embrace opportunities to present to them the real-life side of your brand. Your customers will welcome the change from always seeing just the polished, fully-baked version.

That doesn’t mean you have to air all your dirty laundry and missteps. But remember, people do like to be let in. They want a peek behind the curtain to see what life is really like for you. They want to know all that goes into the excellence you create.

And quite frankly, they want to see a little drama to know that you’re human too. Just like them.

Here are two approaches you can take to giving your customers behind the scenes content. It will give them a bit more of what life is like for you as you grow your business.

1. Showcase your planning process

As you work on your next product launch or event, take your customers on the journey with you. Let them see all the work, the planning, and the details that go into pulling off the work that you do. If they are only used to seeing the final product, they’ll appreciate the opportunity to go behind the scenes as an insider into your world.

2. Give a glimpse into a day in the life

You don’t always have to know in advance what stories you will tell. But start documenting conversations. Audio and video formats work well for this. Showcase typical days in the life of you and your team doing your work.

Over time, you’ll start to identify trends, patterns, and ideas that can form the basis of a good concept to explore in different content with your audience.

Your customers want to have deeper, emotional connections with you. Nurture those relationships by giving them a more intimate view into your world with behind the scenes content.

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