Small business marketing 101


Good marketing will get a line of customers outside your door

Wouldn’t it be great if you had customers lined up outside your door, all eager to be your customer?  Sounds like a dream come true for an entrepreneur.

Serving customers is the reason why businesses exist.  And as a result, businesses need customers to survive.

So to ensure they have a steady stream of customers, entrepreneurs (should) spend lots of time and energy working to both bring new customers in and keep the ones they have.

How well your business does at getting customers is often directly proportional to the quality of your marketing efforts.

The goal of marketing is to get your product into the hands of the people who can benefit most from it.  This is done through a series of interrelated activities that enable you to serve your customers by solving their problem.

When done effectively, marketing gets your ideal customers to want to be your customer.  When marketing isn’t done so well, businesses end up chasing customers (away), wasting valuable resources, or worse yet, going out of business.

The best way to make marketing work for your company is to build and execute a marketing strategy.  A well crafted strategy will weave together all elements of the marketing mix cohesively, so it can bring you the results you desire.

Ready to get to work building your marketing strategy?  Here are a few resources to help get you started: