Deepak Mehta - I Am the One

I Am the One: Deepak Mehta, blogger

Deepak Mehta - I Am the One

What’s the name of your business?

Discouraged Not Defeated

Tell me about your business?

This actually is a Blog site where I express my heartfelt thoughts in a blog post to share with my friends and future fans.

What is the problem that your business solves?

I do not call myself a problem solver. I am more of a facilitator where I help people to realize their problems, explain them the reasons for their short comings. This paves the way to find the amenable solutions for their dilemma and shortcomings.I do this using my medical and life experiences. I have been doing this professionally as a Family physician for last 42 yrs. or so. – ( Family Practitioner i the one – who actually not an elite or an expert in any field of medicine, but have a vast practical knowledge and experience which he or she put to use to come to an amenable practical answer for their patients. Here my clients are my friends and fans.

What made you decide to be “the one” to make life better by solving this problem?

I am a retired family physician. I practiced medicine for 42 years in few disciplines of medical fields, (Adult, adolescents, Women’s health, Pediatrics, Minor surgeries, Sports medicine, Occupational medicines and Urgent care)

On a personal note I, myself had been a victim of Infantile polio. I got afflicted at the age of 1949. That is when the world had its 1 first ever Pandemic of polio. I have never walked normal. I am paralysed in my right lower extremity. I an wearing a brace for last 57 yrs. In last 5-6 yrs. my polio has flared up and making my lower legs ( Both) weaker. It is called a Post Polio Syndrome.

This is the reason I retired. But I refuse to stay retired. I wanted to be people and be used by them for the betterment of the society. I wanted to use my experience to pay back my gratitude to the society. That is the reason I chose to start this venture from the comfort of my home at the desk on a computer.

What was your biggest fear when starting your business, and how did you move past it?

Never done this before. Totally an uncharted territory for me. In spite of enthusiasm and self confidence fear of failure kept on haunting me. I started with Ebay and eCommerce. Still working hard on that ventures. But my heart is set on this adventure more than anything right now.

An idea of dealing with people and be there for them but at the same time a wonderful chance for me to be a better person, studying and come across wonderful and enormously successful person like Sonia Thompson really gives me goose bumps.

With the positive thinking, building my success one person at time and dream to see my bright future is keeping me in the arena. I am more optimistic and energetic than ever before in my life except when I passed my Medical exams and came to this country from India.

As a business owner, what has been your biggest lesson learned?

To Be Alone!! I remind my self every morning and before going to sleep – You are the doer, you are the coach and the player. I am this home builder doing framing, plastering, plumbing, roofing, dry walling, tile setter,Electrician.and performing many more tasks. Win or loose , it is all yours. The Choice is yours. Everyday is a new beginning, To be Self Sufficient. Learn what you don’t know but just get it done.

What are your three keys to success when it comes to building your business (and why)?

Standing firm against my deteriorating Polio afflicted lower leg. This could have kept me out of game if I gave in. This made me more resolute in my conviction towards my success. It helped build my self-confidence and self esteem. It keeps reminding me that this is my time and I AM THE ONE who can and will do it.

My unlimited craving for learning and building my 2nd career not just for the money but for my Soul and for Peace of mind. Coming to term with myself to never give up. This has been my Motto all my life. My father instilled it in me as a child. This has been and continue to be a key to my Success.

Encouragement and moral support of my wife, my children, my friends and cadre of expert on the ONLINE University with their desire and willingness to help the underdog, beginner like me in this unforgiving arena of bloggers and writers. I look at them as the Pillers of stability and support for me. This has been the three major keys to my success. There are many more factors involved too but these three key are the foundation

Where can people find you?

Twitter:  @deeshant4823
Facebook:  Don’t Give Up