Naomi and Annette - I Am the One

I Am the One: Naomi Fota and Annette Burgess, Rodan & Fields Independent Consultants

Naomi and Annette - I Am the One

What’s the name of your business?

Rodan + Fields Independent Consultants

Tell me about your business?

We partner with the #4 skincare company in the U.S. and offer people another option to add an extra income stream to their bottom line.

What is the problem that your business solves?

The problem we solve is helping people make more money while having great skin

What made you decide to be “the one” to make life better by solving this problem?

Naomi was a customer whose skin improved immensely and saw the potential for the business. Annette sought an opportunity to increase her bottom line for her family.

What was your biggest fear when starting your business, and how did you move past it?

Our biggest fear is not being able to find our avatar – not reaching the people we believe could be amazing business partners. We moved past it by adding an additional component (website & podcast) to enable us to reach more people in less time.

As a business owner, what has been your biggest lesson learned?

Our biggest lesson learned is that everyone is not going to be supportive. Family, friends, and even colleagues in the business.

What are your three keys to success when it comes to building your business (and why)?

Our partnership – we have known each other since high school and connected immediately. That connection is the very reason we became business partners. We have a rapport with one another that is unique.

Our passion – we are both driven to be successful and are grateful to be partners in crime. We have a mutual vision for our business and big goals to reach so we are focused and always pushing our limits.

We believe anyone can be a success and has the potential to be a leader. Our business has no limits so we want to encourage people from all backgrounds and experiences to believe in themselves and the limitless potential of Rodan + Fields.

Where can others find you?


Facebook: Naomi Fota and Annette Burgess

Twitter: @msnayome and @NetieBeez

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