Marathon Grill: Sometimes the little things make all the difference

Marathon straw

As if I needed another reason to love Marathon Grill, they gave me one more!

Over the summer, I found myself living in a hotel for a few months, so needless to say, I ate out a whole lot. I’ve been a bit of stickler lately for clean, healthy eating, so having to eat out for most of my meals was posing a bit of a challenge. That is until I came across Marathon Grill.

Their commitment to local urban farming in particular, and use of organic produce and responsibly raised meats made me it easy for me to choose them again and again as a means to feed my belly. In fact, I probably had a meal from there 4-5 times a week!

Since I’ve been back at home, I’ve gotten back to cooking. But today was a day for take-out for lunch, and where I managed to find my way back to my local Marathon Grill with the super friendly staff and of course good food. Since it was a hot day, I asked for a cup of ice water to take with me for the walk home. And to my delight, in my to-go-cup was the cutest red and white swirl straw! And to my glee, the straw was hard!

I just thought that was the coolest thing. I tell ya’ sometimes its the little things that make a big difference with your customers. Just a little something extra that makes you stand out. In this case, a hard red and white straw brought me a whole lot of delight!