Interviews with Sonia Thompson

Sonia Thompson media interviews

I spend a lot of time interviewing other entrepreneurs for my podcast, The Customer Magnet Show. But from time to time, the tables are turned and I am the guest on other people’s shows or for their blogs.

In case you missed them, here are they are:

Wisconsin Public Radio (NPR)

Examining the history of racial themes in advertising

Confessions of a Pink-Haired Marketer

Getting to freedom and business clarity: A conversation with Sonia Thompson


Making a business out of her life

Conscious Millionaire

Sonia Thompson: Live the good life, while building your dream business

Business Insider

A woman who quit her job paying over $200,000 a year explains why she’s happier earning less than a quarter as much

She Did it Her Way

Surviving entrepreneurship with Sonia Thompson

Freedom Academies

Pursuing your future as an entrepreneur

30 Days to Success

Sonia Thompson: Success, happiness, and motivation

Engaging Presence

Sonia Thompson: Helping businesses thrive

Wake Up Your Why

Having the courage to do what you do with Sonia Thompson

About Meditation

The ashram and the entrepreneur: Exploring meditation as a habit with Sonia Thompson

Bring the Noise

The interview: Business coach Sonia Thompson

Courageous Self-Confidence

Why start building your dream now with Sonia Thompson

Fearless and Healthy

Finding your true purpose through massive action

The Entrepreneur Way

Being irresistible with Sonia Thompson

Book Marketing Mentors

How to start building a dream business with your book

Pre-Launch Profit

How to get consulting clients fast, with Sonia Thompson

Beyond Influencer Marketing

Your own platform to connect with influencers

Business Owners Freedom Formula

Attract and retain your ideal customer

Start a business online from home

Number one reason to start a business today

American Entrepreneur Podcast

Sonia Thompson