131: What’s working today to build a high-performing team

High-performing teams don't happen by chance. It takes intentional effort to bring a group together and help them perform as rockstars both individually and collectively. And as the makeup of your team grows more diverse, some of the previous tactics may not work so well any longer

Following best-practices is a smart way to get predictable results. That is until those best-practices are no longer relevant. Then continuing to use those outdated norms stifles your growth.

That is what is happening in today’s rapidly changing marketplace. The demographic and psychographic makeup of consumers is evolving. And advances in digital technologies continue to transform the way we live, communicate, and get things done.

To have a team that thrives in the midst of all these changes, you’ve got to be open to finding new ways to lead them to reach your goals, especially as more traditional methods show signs of being less effective.

Conrod Kelly is an Executive Director and US Market Leader for the Diabetes Franchise at Merck, a leading global pharmaceutical company. Throughout his career, he’s earned a reputation for building high-performing teams that exceed expectations.

I interviewed Conrod to gain insights into his leadership philosophy that has enabled him to consistently build teams that perform at a high level.

Key points:

  • The first thing you need to do if you want to build a high-performing team
  • What to do when someone is struggling to keep up with the performance expectations of the team
  • What to do instead of hiring someone based upon “fit” within your existing culture
  • How to extract the benefits of your team’s diversity
  • Why transparency builds a smaller team
  • The environment you need to create to support your team in performing at their best
  • The true measure of success for a leader

Listen to the 33-minute episode here.

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