Marcelo Baudino Cultural Intelligence

132: Cultural Intelligence: Master this skill, win more customers

As you work to reach more diverse customers in the US and around the world, this skill will be more important than ever.

Business leaders are often on the hunt for smart ways out to sell their products to more customers. This becomes especially important as markets evolve and grow more competitive.

But as companies work to expand their reach, they quickly learn that winning in new markets isn’t always as easy as scaling up with the same messaging and tactics. As the population grows more diverse, teams are tasked with the challenge of figuring out not only how to work with colleagues of different backgrounds, but also how to effectively reach customers with dissimilar experiences.

Notably, companies like H&M, Unilever, and Pepsi have struggled of late in their quest to target more culturally diverse customers. And they’ve all issued public apologies as a result. No bueno.

But there have been plenty more businesses that have figured out how to connect with customers around the world more meaningfully, and as a result, their footprint has grown.

One skill separates teams who win diverse customers around the world from those who crash and burn: cultural intelligence.

Marcelo Baudino is the co-founder of Iceberg Cultural Intelligence, a consulting company that helps businesses develop cross-cultural competencies and manage diversity. He and I chatted about cultural intelligence, and how you can start building it as a competency today.

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