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42: The magical gift of imperfect circumstances

Courtney Herring is a copywriter and digital marketing strategist at Go Champ Media. Tune in as she explains the magical benefit she's experienced from imperfect circumstances.

Courtney Herring is a copywriter, and digital marketing strategist at the company she founded, Go Champ Media. Courtney helps her clients figure out what they should say, and where and how to say it to reach their business goals.

We can learn a lot from Courtney’s journey, in particular how she stepped outside her comfort zone to build a business she loves.

Key points:

  • A great way to find clients when you are first starting out
  • What trumps hard work while building your business
  • How to overcome your fear of charging what you’re worth
  • How to protect yourself when a client doesn’t pay
  • One of the most gratifying feelings as an entrepreneur
  • The truth about building your business alone
  • Where success most often happens

Listen to the 25-minute episode here:

Show notes:

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