69: How this architect and teacher with no experience made millions with their products

Find out how Dennis and Mary Lou Green, founders of Big Idea School made millions with their products, and are teaching other entrepreneurs to do the same.

Dennis and Mary Lou Green are the founders of Big Idea School, where they help people learn how to create and sell simple products.

Prior to Big Idea School, they build a multi-million dollar business with over 50 patents, that sold to retailers such as Wal-Mart, Bloomingdales, Whole Foods, QVC, Foot Locker, Bed Bath & Beyond, and more.

We can learn so much from Dennis and Mary Lou’s more than 40 years of experience, in particular their simple yet effective approach to product development.

Key points:

  • How to figure out if your product idea is a viable one
  • One of the most common mistakes entrepreneurs make with their products
  • The difference between an invention and an idea
  • The fundamental discipline every entrepreneur needs to understand
  • How to develop a product idea that stands out from the others in the category
  • The process Dennis and Mary Lou took to develop a multi-million dollar product
  • The beauty of being humble and willing to be dumb

Listen to the 28-minute episode here:

Show notes:

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Free Mini-Course: The Blueprint for Building a Thriving Business

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