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70: How to anticipate what clients really want

Anticipating what clients really want can seem like an impossible task. In this episode, Renny Lewis explains a simple process to ensure you give your clients what they want - even if they never tell you what that is.

Renny Lewis is the co-founder at The Collective Vision, where he and his partners deliver photography, videography, and DJ’ing services to their clients.

We can learn so much from Renny, in particular what he’s learned throughout the years about how to anticipate what clients really want, and other client management tips.

Key points:

  • Where to find a market niche where you have an immediate advantage
  • A smart way to showcase your abilities to prospective clients
  • The essential things you need to educate your clients on
  • How to manage client expectations to ensure a positive experience for all parties
  • Why some clients aren’t worth your time
  • Your worst nightmare when presenting client deliverables
  • How to keep your skills sharp

Listen to the 30-minute episode here:

Show notes:

  • The Collective Vision
  • The Collective Vision on Instagram: @thecollectivev
  • The Collective Vision on Facebook:
  • Renny’s quote: “Everyone has a plan until you get punched in the face.” – Mike Tyson

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