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120: This will keep you going when your motivation is low (or nonexistent)

Entrepreneurs: As much as we'd like to think this isn't the case, sometimes our motivation works against us when trying to get things done. It just doesn't show up for the job, or give us what we need to push forward. Here's how to keep going when that happens.

Brian David Crane is the founder of Caller Smart, an app that helps you investigate mystery phone numbers and avoid unwanted calls and texts.

We can learn a ton from Brian, including the essential lessons he’s picked up about what it takes to launch four multi-million dollar digital brands.

Key points:

  • Why learning to take a punch is good for you as an entrepreneur
  • Why letting go is critical to your success
  • How to get more comfortable delegating important tasks to other people
  • How to ensure you start and end the day effectively
  • A smart strategy to focus your attention
  • The hidden downsides of being a digital nomad
  • Why you need a Huckleberry

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Show notes:

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