37: Craftsman and CEO: How to balance two essential roles to build your business

Being the CEO of your business is necessary. But you can't neglect your craft either. In this episode Niel Guilarte shares how he learned how to balance both essential roles.

Niel Guilarte is the founder of Wildstyle Media, a digital media company specializing in creating high-quality digital content for use in video, television, film, podcasts, and online promotions.

Niel is also the host of the podcast All Things Post, where he puts the spotlight on people who do behind the scenes production work.

We can learn a ton from Niel’s experiences, in particular how he’s learning to grow into his role of entrepreneur and CEO of his business.

Key points:

  • Why you need to educate your customers
  • Why you need to get more supporters on board with your vision
  • Why expertise in your craft isn’t always sufficient to grow your business
  • The thing that will spark your growth
  • How to find the time to focus on sales and growth for your business
  • The essential thing you need to rectify a situation that is off course
  • How to proactively prepare to grow your business

Listen to the 26-minute episode here:

Show notes:

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