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125: How to turn your biggest ‘weakness’ into a superpower

Entrepreneurs: Sometimes we look at our weaknesses as something that will hold us back. But with the proper mindset and actions, we can actually turn our weaknesses into superpowers

Danielle Thompson is the founder of Studio Moku, a multi-disciplinary design firm, where she helps tech startups build apps and websites.

We can learn a ton from Danielle, in particular, the steps she’s taken to minimize a perceived weakness, to build a business and a life that enables her to thrive.

Key points:

  • The importance of acknowledging patterns for peak productivity
  • Why balance doesn’t always look the same in different places
  • The key factors that go into having optimal brain health
  • The 1 thing that helps you make more empowered decisions
  • Why you can’t afford to not screen your clients
  • The ideal time to start outsourcing micro-tasks
  • The mindset you need to build powerful relationships with your team that will make them work harder for you

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Show notes:

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