124: A proven way to become a recognized expert in your field

Entrepreneurs: A great way to attract your ideal customers to you is to become recognized as an expert in your field. Tune in to find out a simple and proven way to do it

Susan Friedman is the founder of Aviva publishing, where for more than 20 years she’s helped more than 250 authors publish their books.

In addition, she’s the author of 14 books, including an international best-seller, Riches in Niches. We can learn a ton from Susan, in particular what she learned about how to stand out and establish yourself as an expert in your field.

Key points:

  • The biggest problem most entrepreneurs have with writing a book
  • What to do when you need to present yourself as an expert, when you don’t feel like one
  • How to stand out when there are a number of people who do the same type of work as you
  • An effective way to discover your superpower
  • The truth about what it takes to become an expert
  • Why marketing to a niche audience is easier
  • The simple decision that will enable you to charge higher prices for your products and services

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Show notes:

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Free Mini-Course: The Customer Magnet Playbook

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