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47: How to build a seven figure business

Ever wondered about what how to build a seven figure business? Wonder no more. In this episode, Stacy Tuschl explains how she did it.

Stacy Tuschl is the founder of Academy for Performing Arts, a school where kids get lessons in dance, music, and acting.

Stacy is also a business coach, host of a podcast, and the author of the book Is Your Business Worth Saving?.

We can learn so much from Stacy’s experiences, in particular what she’s learned about how to build a seven figure business.

Key points:

  • The mindset shift you need to make to turn your hobby into a business
  • How to execute the grander vision for your  business
  • Why self-awareness is critical to help you evaluate business opportunities
  • A simple strategy to protect your income and explore different passions
  • Why you only need to do work that “only you” can do
  • What’s required on the road to perfection
  • How to ensure the pursuit of “more” doesn’t ruin your life

Listen to the 24-minute episode here:

Show notes:

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Free Mini-Course: The Blueprint for Building a Thriving Business

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