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31: How to keep yourself from falling into an entrepreneurship induced depression

The stress of being an entrepreneur can be difficult to handle. If you let it go on too long it can have detrimental effects. In this episode, Calvin Snowden explains how to handle it, so you don't fall into an entrepreneurship induced depression.

Calvin Snowden is the founder of BDFS Group, a Philadelphia-based construction company that’s completed projects ranging from small-scale residential renovations to large commercial construction.

We can learn a ton from Calvin’s experiences, in particular how he handles the stress of being an entrepreneur.

Key points:

  • The danger in being a sidepreneur for too long
  • Why you need the support of close loved ones in your entrepreneurial journey
  • How to not let friendships get in the way of growing your business
  • What to do with your identified weaknesses
  • Why you need a support network of other entrepreneurs
  • Why your success as an entrepreneur impacts more people than you
  • The benefits of not being the smartest person in the room

Listen to the 28-minute episode here:

Show notes:

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