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30: How to maintain healthy personal relationships while building a business

Ever felt like your personal relationships suffered as you spent time building a business? If so, listen to this episode as Dr. Atira Charles explains how to maintain personal relationships while building your business.

Atira Charles is the founder of The Mask Project, an initiative to provide a platform for successful professionals to share their journey of “wearing the mask” in their personal and professional lives.

She’s also the founder of the audio book, The Art of Unmasking, and a professor at Florida A&M University.

We can learn a lot from Atira’s experience, particularly her approach to maintaining personal relationships while building a business.

Key points:

  • Why you should consider apprenticeship as a way to identify new opportunities
  • What to do when life throws a wrench in your plans
  • How to navigate through business and personal conflicts
  • Why you need to talk about your experiences and challenges in your business
  • How to not torture yourself with self-limiting beliefs
  • A simple way to free up time to gain traction in your business
  • How to get your loved ones on board with your dreams

Listen to the 34-minute episode here:

Show notes:

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