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53: How to make your business more fascinating

Ever feel like how you communicate about your business sounds like everyone else? Tune in to find out how to make your business more fascinating, to stand out from the crowd.

Steven Lewis is the founder of Taleist, a content marketing agency and a training company, where he helps his clients tell the stories the audiences want to hear.

Steven has been a journalist for more than twenty years and has written for publications such as Esquire and Financial Times.

We can learn so much from Steven, in particular his approach to find the most interesting parts of your message.

Key points:

  • Why the business you intend to start often morphs into something else
  • Why your business needs to communicate its story
  • How to stop pretending your weaknesses area problem
  • How to make yourself more interesting
  • A powerful way to close client deals, even if you suck at selling
  • The one thing every entrepreneur needs to do well
  • The most underrated skill most small business owners desperately need

Listen to the 30-minute episode here:

Show notes:

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