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81: How to protect your business from falling apart when the economy does

There will be times when things will happen outside your control that will negatively impact your business. In this episode, Nancy Gruver explains how she's weathered the storm to continue her very important mission.

Nancy Gruver is the founder of New Moon Girls, an ad-free online and in-print magazine that inspires young girls to make their voices heard and take their dreams seriously.

We can learn a ton from Nancy’s many years of experience, in particular how she’s learned to weather tough economic times to continue carrying out her mission.

Key points:

  • The money mindset that will limit your growth
  • In the trenches strategies to weather a recession
  • How to navigate environmental changes that impact the way you run your business
  • The key to minimizing staff turnover
  • When it’s ok to not try to be efficient with every task you do
  • How to nourish your soul so you’re able to keep going with the mission of your business
  • The truth about asking for help

Listen to the 29-minute episode here:

Show notes:

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