16: The right way to launch into a new market

Entering into a new market takes a whole lot of effort and other resources. Because of all involved, make sure you find out the right way to launch so you can get the most out of your efforts. Bianca Lee discusses how to do that, along with other insights for entrepreneurs.

Bianca Lee is the founder of White Rose Marketing, an outsourced marketing department for small businesses.

She’s a also a global marketing expert. Prior to starting White Rose Marketing, she spent a number of years growing million dollar brands around the world, including within many countries in sub-Saharan Africa.

We can learn a lot from Bianca’s expertise and launching the right way, as well as from her recent transition into entrepreneurship from the corporate world.

Key points:

  • The mistake many businesses make when trying to enter a new market
  • Why you can’t always do what has worked previously
  • The minimum level of market research you should do when entering a new market
  • How to communicate the value of an intangible product
  • Why you need to choose your clients carefully
  • How to get your clients on board quickly
  • That magic that happens once you decide to make the leap into entrepreneurship

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Show notes:

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