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33: How to find success after losing everything

You can find success after losing everything. Getting knocked down from life's blows doesn't have to be a permanent set back. In this episode, Kemi Egan explains how she bounced back to build a thriving business after being homeless.

Kemi Egan is the co-founder of Freedom Academies, where she helps entrepreneurs build ethical, substantial wealth using business growth and real estate investing strategies.

She’s also the author of the international best-selling book, The Power of Real Estate Investing.

We can learn so much from Kemi’s amazing experiences, particularly how she found success after losing everything.

Key points:

  • Why desperation is sometimes exactly what you need
  • How to shorten your learning curve
  • How to determine which path to follow to reach your goals
  • The simple way to become more efficient
  • How to get more leverage for your business
  • The thing that will stop you from moving forward
  • The mindset shift that will move you from a place of scarcity to abundance
  • Why you need to celebrate your wins

Listen to the 25-minute episode here:

Show notes:

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