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103: The creative person’s guide to getting good at business

The creative person's guide to getting good at business

Tina Labondi is a fashion designer, and founder of the fashion label Tina Labondi, a brand that combines African heritage with delicate French couture.

She’s also the founder of ESIMBI, a non-profit designed to break the cycle of poverty through annual scholarships, workshops, and internship opportunities for unemployed and unskilled young adults in Congo.

We can learn a ton from Tina, especially what she learned about how to bring the business part of running your business (especially the money part), to the forefront of her mind.

Key points:

  • How to put a proper focus on your business’s finances (even when you hate thinking about finances)
  • How to work effectively with important intermediaries who don’t always have your best interest at heart
  • What to do to keep from burning bridges within a small and competitive industry
  • How to get the mindset of a salesperson (even when you hate selling)
  • Why you should make it your business to talk to your customers in person
  • The proper way to think of a “no”
  • The truth about doing everything that you “should” be doing

Listen to the 26-minute episode here:

Show notes:

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Free Mini-Course: The Blueprint for Building a Thriving Business

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