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45: The critical mental shift you need to turn your hobby into a business

Making the transition from hobbyist to entrepreneur isn't always easy. To turn your hobby into a business, tune in to find out the essential mental shift you need to make.

Kimberly Falker is the founder and host of the podcast Balancing Pointe, a show that takes you on a journey into the complex and fascinating world of ballet.

Kimberly is also the founder of a growing podcast network dedicated to the world of dance from several different points of view.

We can learn a lot from Kimberly’s journey, in particular, the mindset shifts you need to make to turn your hobby into a business.

Key points:

  • How expertise in one area can benefit you in other parts of your life
  • How to use your existing resources to reach multiple audiences
  • The essential belief that you need to have in order to make money in your business
  • The truth about becoming an authority
  • Why it’s ok if your business doesn’t make money right away
  • The biggest no-no in the world of podcasting (and business)
  • A major benefit of surrounding yourself with people who are on a similar journey as you

Listen to the 30-minute episode here:

Show notes:

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