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24: Why your business needs you to take a play break

Ever felt like your work was draining you? Your business needs you to operate at your best. To help you do that, you should probably take a play break. Listen in to find out why.

Melissa Dinwiddie is the founder of Living a Creative Life, where she is on a mission to help others live life in full-color.

Through her podcast, Live Creative Now!, courses, and art, she’s helped tons of people escape from living life in black and white.

We can learn a ton from Melissa’s experience in creating a business that fills her with energy, rather than draining it.

Key points:

  • The truth about your creativity
  • What happens when you don’t honor your creative hunger
  • How to refresh and restore your depleted willpower
  • Why your business needs a bit of crap
  • Why you need to avoid imperfection
  • The proper way to respond when you feel like an idiot
  • What stumbling in your business really means

Listen to the 31-minute episode here:

Show notes:

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