Pushing past “I don’t feel like it”


Mission statement work is the single most important work because the decisions made there affect all other decisions. – Steven Covey

As you work on your business, being very clear about what your mission is pays dividends for you in many, many ways. Not only does it set the foundation for all you do in your business, including every dollar you spend, how you spend your time, and the activities you engage in. It also plays a critical role in your mental and emotional states (which of course impact just about everything that you do).

As an entrepreneur, there will be times when you just won’t feel like it. You won’t feel like working. You won’t feel like doing the important work that isn’t your favorite work. You won’t feel like facing the world. You won’t feel like moving mountains. You won’t feel like breaking down barriers. You won’t feel like serving. You won’t feel like delighting. You won’t feel motivated. You won’t feel like getting out of bed. You just won’t feel like it (or maybe this only happens to me). When you have those moments, it is very easy to give in to what you feel. And if you give in one too many times, then your business will suffer, and as a result the people you serve will too.

So how do you not give in to “I don’t feel like it”? Remember your mission. Remember why you are doing all this work in the first place. Remember the impact that you are making. And remember that all your hard work, sweat, and maybe even tears are not in vain. You are on a mission. And without you, that mission won’t get completed.

But unless you have defined your mission, you won’t be as equipped as you could be with regard to pushing past anthing that even resembles an obstacle to your success. As you work on your mission, or purpose statement, remember it should answer the the very fundamental question of why your business exists. It should also be customer focused. Your mission is not about you. It is about the people you serve. And by remembering that what you do provides value for others, you are more apt to continue to work to create that value for them, no matter what comes your way.

As you work in your business making life better as you go, there will be good days. There will be bad days. And there will be lots of days in between. And along the way, there will be days when you just won’t feel like it. But always remember, that your business exists to fulfill a specific purpose. And without you, that purpose won’t get completed.

As such, it is important for you to always keep in mind: mission statement work is the single most important work because the decisions made there affect all other decisions. Mission statement work is your best armor to help keep you pushing forward, especially during the times when you don’t necessarily feel like it.