Section 1: Build a relationship with your customers

On the road to getting your customers to love you, it is imperative to build a relationship with the people you are trying to woo. This will move you beyond very fragile purely transactional relationships as you develop deeper, emotional connections with your customers.

Building relationships will also turn your customers into friends. And doing business with people you like is more fun for everyone. Besides, your friends are much less likely to run off to one of your competitors when they introduce something new or offer a lower price.

Tips in this section

  1. Act like you want your customers to stick around
  2. See your customers as individuals
  3. Use the sweetest sound in any language
  4. Remember your customers’ names
  5. Pay attention to them
  6. Engage your customers
  7. Get to know your customers
  8. Listen to your customers
  9. Don’t let your customers hear the sound of crickets
  10. Get feedback from your customers
  11. Remember their love for peanut butter
  12. Understand your customers’ needs
  13. Remember special occasions
  14. Be personable
  15. Trust your customers
  16. Fix it when you mess up
  17. Fix it when your customer thinks you’ve messed up (but you really didn’t)
  18. Let your customers know how you feel about them
  19. Write your customers a hand-written note (love letter)
  20. Show gratitude
  21. Take the high road
  22. Let your customers into your world (behind the scenes)