Tip 22: Let your customers into your world (behind the scenes)

People like to know what goes on behind the scenes. It makes them feel connected to you. It helps them feel like they are getting an insider’s view of how you work and how you produce all the awesome that comes their way. Why not let them in at least a little? Give them a peek. Give them some access.


  1. Lots of famous stars have incorporated this as a way to stay connected to their fans. Simply go to YouTube and type in “Beyonce behind the scenes” and you’ll find video after video of behind the scenes access to the megastar’s work. And her fans eat it all up, happy to get more of a glimpse into her world.
  2. There a bunch of restaurants that have opened up their kitchens, by providing seating that allows certain diners to watch food preparation in action.


  1. Whenever you organize a big event or launch, build a plan in advance for how to bring your customers along in the journey with you. Not only will it give them behind the scenes access, but it will also give them a stronger connection to the event.
  2. Use social media as a tool to let your customers into your world. Through photos, videos, status updates, and tweets, you can give your customers an added view of you and what you produce, than what they are able to see on your website, or in person.

Application for your business

  1. Write down two ways you can let your customers into your world.
  2. Brainstorm how to utilize social media to give your customers an insider’s view of how you work and produce the good stuff they enjoy.

Previous tips

  1. Act like you want your customers to stick around
  2. See your customers as individuals
  3. Use the sweetest sound in any language
  4. Remember your customers’ names
  5. Pay attention to your customers
  6. Engage your customers
  7. Get to know your customers
  8. Listen to your customers
  9. Don’t let your customers hear the sound of crickets
  10. Get feedback from your customers
  11. Remember their love for peanut butter
  12. Understand your customers’ needs
  13. Remember special occasions
  14. Be personable
  15. Trust your customers
  16. Fix it when you mess up
  17. Fix it when you’re customer thinks you messed up (but you really didn’t)
  18. Let your customers know how you feel about them
  19. Write your customers handwritten-notes (love letters)
  20. Show gratitude
  21. Take the high road