Section 4: Be awesome, do awesome

Awesome is awesome. And when you are able to be and do cool things, it makes it even easier for your customers to love you. Not only will you give your customers more reasons to choose you instead of some other option to get their needs met, but it’ll make it an enjoyable experience for them along the way.

You’re already pretty darn awesome on your own. Here are a few more ways you can be and do even more awesome for your customers.

Tips in this section

63. Be cool (code for be yourself)

64. Love what you do (and let it show)

65. Give your business some G.A.S.

66. Have awesome people

67. Take care of your awesome people

68. Be remarkable

69. Be memorable

70. Shake things up

71. Be awesome in unexpected small ways

72. Be awesome in unexpected big ways

73. Start a movement

74. Be fearless

75. Tell the story about your product

76. Do mundane tasks in a new, different, and unexpected way

77. Empower your team to make a less than optimal experience right

78. Be prepared for anything

79. Have an ego

80. Don’t take yourself too seriously

81. Make them lol (literally)

82. Dance

83. Sing a song or rap

84. Turn your customers’ frowns upside down

85. Make it bigger than you

86. Take a stand

87. Love the environment

88. Make your customers proud