Tip 1: Act like you want your customers to stick around

When you invite guests to your home, do you spend time making sure everything is just right so your guests feel welcome? I know I do. I want them to have a great time so they are excited to come back the next time I invite them. We should take the same approach when it comes to our customers interacting with our business.

Surprisingly, many companies act like they don’t care if their customers come back. Don’t do that. Roll out the red carpet as you interact with them. Make them feel welcome and comfortable in your home, whether it is a physical store, online, or a service business. Treat your customers so well that they’ll want to stay a while and even come back again for another dose of what you have to offer.


  1. I recently subscribed to the Primility blog. I was delighted when I got a personal note from the site owner, Jerod thanking me for subscribing. And if that wasn’t enough, I also received a gift in the mail as a thank you along with a hand-written note. I was super excited about receiving it! The gesture totally makes me feel like Jerod and the Primility team cares about me enough to want me to stick around and be a part of their community.
  2. My parents have a dog. And every time my father goes to the bank, he takes his dog Buddy with him. And every time he goes, Buddy comes back with dog biscuits courtesy of the bank. By treating their customers’ pets well, the bank shows their customers that they do indeed want them to stick around. And their pets too.


  1. Do you have an email list? You should. After new people sign-up to hear from you on a regular basis, send them a “Welcome” email. This is simple to do with email service providers like Aweber or Mailchimp.
  2. If you have a business that allows you to interact with customers directly, acknowledge everyone on a personal level. Say hello, welcome them, thank them for being a part of your world.

Application for your business:

  1. How do you make a guest feel welcome when they come into your home?
  2. How can you make your customers feel welcome when they interact with your business? Brainstorm at least 3 ways.