Tip 2: See your customers as individuals

View and treat your customers as individuals, rather than a transaction or a target that has the potential to line your pockets with money. See them as unique people, with real challenges you can help solve. It will make a difference in their experience with you for sure.


  1. Seeing your customers as individuals simply means taking the time to treat them as real people rather than numbers. For instance, Chris Guillebeau sent a personal email to each person who subscribed to his list. There are well over 10,000 people who’ve signed-up to hear from Chris. And yet, he sent each individual a note to welcome them and say thanks. He saw them as people. New friends. Not subscriber #2687.
  2. I’ve got some food restrictions. And I also enjoy eating good food. Unfortunately, when eating out those two things don’t always go together so well. That’s why when I vacationed in Maui I was delighted by multiple restaurants that were able to accommodate specific food needs. The servers and the chefs were patient and super supportive when it came to making adjustments to dishes on the menu to make them work for me. It made me feel cared for. Like me having a great meal at their restaurant was more important than sticking to their pre-set menu.


  1. Think about how you can connect with each individual customer who interacts with your business. It’s like throwing a party at your house. As the host, figure out how you can best connect with each of your guests to make them feel welcome. Like you are super happy they joined your party, and it’ll be even better because they showed up.
  2. It is a great thing to have processes in place to consistently deliver the customer experience you want over and over again. But sometimes, the unique needs of a customer will require you to make a change to that process in order for you to accommodate them. Be open to making those changes.

Application for your business:

  1. Think about a time when a business saw you as an individual rather than a number. How did it make you feel?  Brainstorm two ways to show each of your customers that you are glad they chose to interact with your business. Be sure to include at least one way to connect with your customers on an individual basis (it is ok if this includes using automation).
  2. Write down a way you can add some flexibility to one of your business systems to accommodate a special need for a customer.

Previous tip:

  1. Act like you want your customers to stick around