Tip 19: Write your customers a handwritten-note (love letter)

With all the junk mail, and mass messages you get these days, isn’t it nice when you get a personal note written just to you? And isn’t it even nicer when that note is handwritten? It’s just an extra nice touch and it feels a lot more intimate.


  1. A while back I was a bit under the weather, and a good friend of mine sent me a card in the mail sending well wishes. In the card, she hand wrote a lovely note that I cherished. Don’t underestimate the power of the written word! Especially the handwritten ones.
  2. Check out how the Grammy-winning singer Lorde sent a handwritten note to her fans. Pretty cool!


  1. Be creative. Don’t feel like you have to be limited by the internet, or overwhelmed by the size of your task.
  2. Be spontaneous. You don’t have to only send a note before or after a specific event. Unexpected “Just because I love you,” or “just because I appreciate you” notes are often the best ones!

Application for your business

  1. Brainstorm some ways you can deliver handwritten notes to your customers. Be sure to include ideas on the logistics of how getting it to your customers will work.
  2. Write down three reasons to send your customers a handwritten note. When you know why you want to send them a note, it better helps you to look for opportunities to send the notes to your customers.

Previous tips

  1. Act like you want your customers to stick around
  2. See your customers as individuals
  3. Use the sweetest sound in any language
  4. Remember your customers’ names
  5. Pay attention to your customers
  6. Engage your customers
  7. Get to know your customers
  8. Listen to your customers
  9. Don’t let your customers hear the sound of crickets
  10. Get feedback from your customers
  11. Remember their love for peanut butter
  12. Understand your customers’ needs
  13. Remember special occasions
  14. Be personable
  15. Trust your customers
  16. Fix it when you mess up
  17. Fix it when you’re customer thinks you messed up (but you really didn’t)
  18. Let your customers know how you feel about them