Tip 20: Show gratitude

Without your customers, your business wouldn’t exist. So when your customers reward you with their time, money, and loyalty don’t take it for granted. Express gratitude. And if you do it in a cool way, you’re customers will love you all the more.


  1. Vin Diesel fans loved his expression of gratitude that came in a video of him dancing to Katy Perry and Beyonce.
  2. There are several brands and companies who express gratitude even for such small acts, such as retweeting content


  1. Make thank you a part of your every day language for both big things and small things.
  2. How you say thank you doesn’t always have to be formal or standard. Get creative. Express your gratitude in an unexpected and memorable way that your customers won’t soon forget.

Application for your business

  1. Write down 5 things that you could thank your customers for.
  2. Brainstorm 3 quirky, cool, fun ways to express gratitude for your customers.

Previous tips

  1. Act like you want your customers to stick around
  2. See your customers as individuals
  3. Use the sweetest sound in any language
  4. Remember your customers’ names
  5. Pay attention to your customers
  6. Engage your customers
  7. Get to know your customers
  8. Listen to your customers
  9. Don’t let your customers hear the sound of crickets
  10. Get feedback from your customers
  11. Remember their love for peanut butter
  12. Understand your customers’ needs
  13. Remember special occasions
  14. Be personable
  15. Trust your customers
  16. Fix it when you mess up
  17. Fix it when you’re customer thinks you messed up (but you really didn’t)
  18. Let your customers know how you feel about them
  19. Write your customers handwritten-notes (love letters)