Tip 25: Add value

When you add value to your customers in a way that makes them better off for having you in their world, they’ll most certainly want to keep you around. The more value you add, the more indispensable you’ll be.


  1. I know of bunches of people who swear by using Evernote to remember stuff. In using their apps and products, they’ve been able to store bits of information in an organized way that let’s them come back and easily put their hands on it later. Once they started using it, my peeps quickly experienced how much value it added to their life. Now they can’t imagine going through life without it.
  2. When I lived in Philadelphia, my Pilates instructor was indispensable to me. After each class, I’d find myself strutting through the streets of Philly as a result of what she pushed me to do in class. I am absolutely better off for having her in my world.


  1. Have a clear vision for why your customers should keep you around. When you know why your customers are better off because of you, you’ll better be able to communicate and demonstrate those reasons to your customers.
  2. Make it your mission to leave each of your customers in a better state than the way you found them. When your goal is to make your customers’ lives better, you’ll quickly start to find all kinds of ways to add value for them.

Application for your business

  1. Brainstorm five ways you can add value to your customers to the point of become indispensable to them.
  2. Write down a simple plan for how you can incorporate at least one of your ideas from the previous step to each customer you interact with.

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