Tip 33: Give your customers an easy button

The more convenient you make it for your customers to access what you are providing, the happier they will feel with you. You don’t often hear of a lot of people being pleased with cumbersome or long and drawn out do you? In fact, research shows that increasing the simplicity of a decision for a customer increases their loyalty, and likelihood of both purchasing and recommending what you have to others.


  1. Kayak.com makes finding the best travel deals simple by allowing me to compare itineraries and prices of a bunch of travel sites all at once. Because its so convenient, I rarely see the need to go to other sites.
  2. Tripit.com is another website that makes things super convenient when I travel. Keeping track of every confirmation email, and various itineraries can be cumbersome. But Tripit makes staying organized with my travel plans extra easy by putting all my details in one place and in order of when they occur. All I have to do is forward them my travel confirmation emails, and they work their magic in a matter of minutes. They also make it really easy to share details of my trip with others. I like it a lot!


  1. Get real data on how your customers feel about the simplicity of interacting with you and your business. Then use the data to think through ways to accomplish your objectives while at the same time making the experience even simpler for your customers.
  2. Sometimes making things convenient for your customers will mean a little added inconvenience for you. That’s ok. A little inconvenience for you in the short-term will pay for itself and then some with the long-term benefits of creating a delighted customer.

Application for your business

  1. Go and have a look at your website. Brainstorm three improvements you can implement to make the experience for your customers more convenient.
  2. Think about the problem you solve for your customers. Brainstorm five ways you can streamline the process for how you solve that problem for your customers to make working with you even simpler.

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