Tip 34: Make common inconveniences more convenient

Sometimes we have to do things that are inconvenient or not the most fun. I suppose that’s just a part of life. So when companies are able to do something to make common inconveniences just a little more convenient for the benefit of their customers, they are definitely doing well in the delight department.


  1. At the security checkpoint at Tampa International Airport, they used to provide disposable shoes for passengers to slip on. For me, most of the time having to take off my shoes means I’m barefoot, something I never want to do on a dirty airport floor (yuck!). But the disposable shoes made going through the security line a much better experience!
  2. GEICO, my car insurance company auto-bills me every month, so I don’t even have to do anything (except have enough money in the bank) to keep my bill paid. They send me an email a few days in advance letting me know how much they will be me for, and a few days later the bill is paid.


  1. Reduce as much friction in the process of doing a needed task. Especially those that your customers won’t necessarily being doing cartwheels to complete. The more ease you can bake into an inherently inconvenient action for your customers, the more likely your customers are to see you as someone who is helping to make their life better.
  2. Change your own mindset about common inconveniences. Instead of viewing a task as a necessary evil or an inconvenience, look at it as another way to interact with and delight your customer. That simple mind shift will unlock a ton of creative juices to help you think of ways to make life easier for your customers.

Application for your business

  1. Write down an “inconvenient task” your customers have to engage in with your business. Then brainstorm three things you can do to reduce friction in the process to make completing the task simpler.
  2. Make a list of tasks in your business that you consider a “necessary evil.” For each item on the list write down how it contributes to the success of your business in a positive way.

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