Tip 38: Educate

If you’re an expert at what you do (and I’m sure you are! See tip #24), go ahead and take the time to educate your customers on the specific problem they have. By giving them tools, tips, and education that answers their questions, you will serve them well, and enrich their life.


  1. Pharmaceutical companies have been increasing their efforts in disease state education for both their current and potential patients. They have realized that the more informed a patient is about their condition, and how to appropriately treat it, the better off they will be when it comes to managing their health, and increasing compliance with their medication.
  2. A while back when I started running, I went to a store that specialized in running gear to get some shoes. The gentleman who helped me was extremely knowledgeable, and gave me all kinds of information about the way I walked, how that impacted the way I run, the types of shoes I needed as a result, and a whole bunch of other interesting information.


  1. Your customers are at different stages in their learning. So make sure you provide information to educate them on what they need to know no matter what their current level of expertise is.
  2. Make education a part of what you do on a regular basis. By consistently providing helpful and relevant information to your customers, you will help position yourself as a trustworthy source that adds lots of value.

Application for your business

  1. Make a list of the different levels of proficiency your customers have when it comes to the problem you solve. Then write down three subject areas in which you can educate each type of customer.
  2. Brainstorm three ways you can consistently educate your customers over time.

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