Tip 39: Teach your customers something new

There is always something new to learn. Always. And sometimes when topics are just extra complex, I greatly appreciate it when companies educate me by breaking them down in easy to understand terms and giving specifics on just what I need to know.


    Copyblogger teaches me something new on a regular basis. I so appreciated their article on using the social platform Google+. It was informative, and super helpful. And since Copyblogger is always teaching me great stuff, I continue to return back to them to learn more.
  1. I do a lot of cooking these days in my quest to eat clean. So I’m always super excited when I come across a new recipe that teaches me how to make delicioso meals in new and interesting ways. The new recipes enable me to shake things up in my meal rotation, and discover new favorites to please my palate.


  1. Shake things up a bit in your regular educational efforts by teaching your customers something off the beaten path that can also help them reach their goals. Education on familiar topics to ensure your customers have a solid understanding of what they need to know to be successful is important. Just know it is ok (and encouraged) to deviate from your set curriculum from time to time.
  2. The key to introducing a new concept is to break it down as simple as possible. This may require you to break up whatever you’re teaching up into digestible chunks so you can devote the appropriate amount of energy to a specific concept.

Application for your business

  1. Brainstorm three new things you can teach your customers that aren’t baked into your existing learning plan.
  2. Choose one item from the list above and map out a plan for how to introduce it to your customers in simple, digestible chunks.

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