Tip 40: Share helpful information

There’s tons and tons of information available, especially online. And there’s just no way possible to keep up with it all if you plan on doing anything else besides consuming content. So if you happen to come across a piece of information you know would be useful to your customers, share it. Don’t let them just have to hear about, find, or figure something out on their own. This goes a long way to helping make their lives better.


  1. Each weekday morning I get an email from the Huffington Post that gives me the highlights of all that’s happening around the world. By reading the snippets of curated content, I’m able to stay in the know with what’s going on at a high level. And when something peaks my interest, I can dive a little deeper with the links they provide to get more details.
  2. Social media is filled with people sharing content they find useful, entertaining, and relevant with their circles. Because online content creators want their information to be shared, they provide easy ways for it to get to others who can benefit from it.


  1. Share helpful information by curating content on a regular basis to your customers. This could be in sending out relevant articles, videos, or other information on a weekly or monthly basis. By sending out an aggregated list of information consistently, you’re bound to include some helpful stuff to your customers.
  2. You don’t have to limit sharing helpful information to the masses. Whenever you come across specific information to help one of your customers, go ahead and send it to them directly. They’ll appreciate that you thought of them enough to send something to help them address a specific problem to their business.

Application for your business

  1. What type of content does it make the most sense for you to curate and share with your customers? What is the frequency with which you can realistically share enough useful content to your customers? What is the most beneficial medium for you to share your content. Is it email, social media, the regular mail, or all of these?
  2. Write down three content sources you can tap to curate information for your customers on a regular basis.

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