Tip 45: Introduce new stuff

When your customers love the stuff you give them, they’re going to want more. So if you can introduce new things that add value to their life, they’ll be super excited to get it. Introducing new things is also a great way to stay relevant (see tip #41).


  1. With each iteration of the Apple iPhone, customers have waited with bated breath to see what new features will be introduced. And although super-fan customers may not be camping out overnight to get their hands on the new model right away, they still get super excited with all the buzz surrounding upcoming launches.
  2. I’m a big Bruno Mars fan. And I was super excited when he came out with a new album, that I scooped it right up when it was released. And now that I’ve had that one for a while, and seen him perform live twice, I’m excited about the next album he comes out with. I want more Bruno!


  1. Introducing new stuff allows you to improve upon your existing products by incorporating feedback from your customers. Don’t get stagnant by sticking with the same old thing all the time. Especially if there are opportunities to improve. And there are always opportunities to improve. 🙂
  2. Stay in touch with your customers over time. This way, when you do introduce some cool new stuff, you’ll be able to send them a note letting them know you’ve got some hot new stuff.

Application for your business

  1. When was the last time you introduced something new to your customers? What have you learned since you introduced it, that you can apply to a new and improved version?
  2. Brainstorm three new products, special events, tools, or resources you could introduce to your customers to delight them beyond what you give them today.

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