Tip 47: Move and inspire them (tug at their heart strings)

Inspire your customers. Make them think about something profound. Show them good still exists in the world and that it is possible for them to make life better.


  1. Dove did it with their “You’re more beautiful than you think” campaign, in which they took the focus off their products and inspired women to embrace and appreciate their own beauty.
  2. Duracell did it too with the never give up story of this deaf Seattle Seahawks football player.


  1. Connecting with your customers on an emotional level to propel them to a higher level of existence will greatly strengthen their connection to you. Look for ways to tap into the heart of what your customer is trying to accomplish. It’s ok if your product is only able to connect to that larger need in a small way, as long as your customers are able to see the connection.
  2. Inspiring your customers in a way that makes life better for them will require you to know them well. As you are getting to know your customers, make sure you go deeper than just a superficial understanding of their needs.

Application for your business

  1. Dove makes products for skincare, hair care, and body cleansers. But the deeper problem they are solving is helping their customers look and feel beautiful. What is the root problem your products help your customers solve?
  2. Write down three ways you can get to know your customers on an even deeper level so you’ll be able to tap into their core problem your product helps solve for.

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